Best natural body wash

Best Natural Body Wash with Certified Organic Ingredients 2020


Having a healthy skincare regimen is just as important as your diet. Artificial chemicals and additives can dry out your skin, trigger unwanted reactions and are unsustainable. 2020 is off to a great start as organic soap brands continue to appeal to a bigger market. There is a wide variety of organic products good for different skin types, conditions and even budgets. The best part is, they are equally as good to mother earth.

Best Non-Toxic Body Washes – Hormonally Active Ingredients

Hormonally active ingredients, otherwise known as endocrine disruptors can increase your body’s toxicity, leading to unwanted diseases.These body washes are 100% safe, untainted and non-toxic as they contain only plant-based extracts and natural salts that contain no harsh or artificial chemicals.

You can read more about hormonally active ingredients at the end of this article.

A fragrance-free treat for those of you who like to keep things simple. Made with nourishing natural ingredients such as lavender, honey and aloe for a sweet and soothing skin experience.

Made from 99.95% natural ingredients and a pH-balanced formula. This blend of coconut and Himalayan pink salt is perfectly pure, safe and can be used by the whole family, even your babies and pets!

As the brand name may suggest, this product is 100% natural and plant-based, as it was in the age of apothecaries. Made with the invigorating oils of rosemary and lemongrass extracts to give you an energetic boost every time you shower.


Best Budget Body Washes

A common myth about organic products is that they are generally more expensive and impractical. This was partly true, but as sustainable consumerism continues to remain in the forefront of news and social media discussions, more budget-friendly options have emerged and are now readily available. Here are some of our favorites.

This brand is proof that going green need not be expensive. The sandalwood scent combined with the shea moisture makes this a great choice if you are on a budget. They have a wide range of scent options, as well as shampoo and conditioner to match.

Founded in 1974, this brand is definitely tried and tested cruelty-free, vegan and affordable. The Blue Cedar scent is reminiscent of the ocean. Not to mention, the packaging is made from 100% recycled material and some products can be bought in 5 liter containers for easy refills.

The ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties goes perfectly with the invigorating aroma of the citrus oils. Mix in with a bit of lavender to soothe and tea tree oil for cleansing and you have the perfect body wash for everyday use, without breaking your budget.

Best Body Washes for Dry Skin

Dry skin and the conditions that can develop from it can not only be physically exhausting but can also bring anxiety and affect your self-esteem, especially severe cases of eczema. Gentle ingredients such as shea butter, nut-based oil like coconut and sunflower seed, aloe and honey can hydrate and soothe dry skin. Here are some of our go-to natural fixes.

One of the few brands that are certified organic by the Soil Association, this product is as pure as it is relaxing. It can be used both in the shower or in the bathtub if you feel like having some extended me-time. The lavender oil calms and soothes dry and itchy skin.

Most products in the market contain harsh chemicals tend to strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay smooth and moisturized, causing eczema that lead to dry and flaky rashes. This gentle body wash was made specifically to put an end to those stressful flare-ups as it is made with gentle ingredients.

Made by a cooperative of West African women, this cruelty-free body wash is specifically made to soothe and heal dry skin. All proceeds will help women and children in Africa with fair trade and ethical practices.

Best Body Washes for Acne-Prone Skin

Dry skin and the conditions that can develop from it can not only be physically exhausting but can also bring anxiety and affect your self-esteem, especially severe cases of eczema. Gentle ingredients such as shea butter, nut-based oil like coconut and sunflower seed, aloe and honey can hydrate and soothe dry skin. Here are some of our go-to natural fixes.

The anti-bacterial, clearing properties of tea tree, otherwise known as melaleuca alternifolia, is no secret. It’s worked for me in the past and I highly recommend it.  This ingredient makes this body wash from Jason the perfect choice as it can reduce the swelling of zits, unclog your pores and manage oily skin quickly, without sacrificing your skin’s natural moisture.

This may not be a liquid soap or body wash like most of the products on this list, but this bar soap surely packs a punch when it comes to fighting acne prone skin. Charcoal, which gives the soap it’s jet black color, aids in clearing unwanted blemishes and irritations and detoxifies the skin, preventing those hormone or stress related breakouts from happening.

I don’t know about you but to me, a brand that values transparency about where their ingredients come from and how it’s sourced is a brand worth exploring. This hand and body wash contains black pepper, which is known for its antibacterial properties. Expect a bit of spice and all things nice from this 72% organic and 98% natural hand and body wash.

Best Body Washes For All-Around Use

We’ve shared our recommendations for dry and acne-prone skin. And the reality is, there are some people fortunate enough to not have to deal with any major skin issues. Instead, they need a body wash to preserve their skin’s natural state, safe to use for any gender or age group, can serve more than one purpose and of course, smells amazing. Here are our suggestions for all-around products for your skin. 

Not only does this body wash look and smell great, it is also a product with a purpose. First, you can also use it as a shampoo. That in itself can eliminate excess packaging and reduce your carbon footprint. Second, part of the proceeds goes to bringing shower units with clean water to homeless people in the United States, hence the brand name. Fight for your right to shower!

Everything from the price, compact packaging to the sweet and citrusy aroma of this 2-in-1 formula from the Honest Company makes it the perfect companion for jet setters and frequent travelers. It’s a gentle, organic, plant-based formula also makes it safe to use for children. 

This all-around body soap is not only aesthetically pleasing with the artwork on its packaging, it is also certified organic by the Soil Association. Meaning, it uses a 100% plant-based formula without any artificial colors and fragrances. Expect citrus notes with a bit of spice brought to you by the herb cardamom, which helps to clear and even out your skin.

Best Simple Daily Moisturizing Body Washes

To those who aim to live minimally and tend to stick to tried and tested daily rituals, keep reading. These simple, straightforward soap formulas will simplify your life and cater to all of your skin’s moisturizing needs on the daily. Of course, they are made with mostly organic, non-toxic and natural ingredients.

Although the name and packaging may suggest that this soap formula is for babies, it is actually the opposite. This mild, fragrance-free formula is actually suitable for all ages. Certified by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE) and suitable for everyday use for even the most sensitive skin types.

This affordable coconut-based treat is made with organic and fairtrade ingredients perfect for everyday use. Leave skin soft, smooth and moisturized while exuding that sweet tropical-inspired aroma daily, even in the coldest of days. You know what they say, coconut oil fixes everything. 


The first and only bar soap to make this list is Ursa Major’s Mojo, that combines moisturizing shea butter with coconut oil and volcanic rocks. It is a minimalist’s definition of heaven to have a cleanser (coconut), moisturizer (shea) and exfoliator (volcanic rock), all in one bar soap.

Best Body Washes For All Skin Types

If you are living with a partner, your family or several siblings, it would make perfect sense to have one trusty brand of natural goodness that is versatile enough to cover all skin types and their needs. Luckily, these soaps have just that. Try it and see what works for your family/ flatmates.

Light, nourishing and good for every skin type, Alba Botanica is the perfect soap to unwind with at the end of a long day. The vibrant packaging and sweet tropical smell will quickly transport you to a pleasant and more relaxed state of being.

Another favorite from Dr. Bronner is this sugar, white grape and lavender-infused treat which I would personally label as a dessert in soap form formula is so sweet and gentle, making it great for all skin types. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of sugar? 

An all-natural, Australian Certified Organic product that will make any skin type feel clean, fresh and moisturized daily. Plus it’s minimalist, green yet luxurious-looking bottle can be reused and collected to beautify your home, particularly the bathroom or kitchen.

What are "Hormonally Active Agents"?

Simply put, hormonally active agents (HAAs) are substances found in some products in the market. The most common HAA is the endocrine disruptor. These substance’s behavior is similar to those of hormones, just with different processes. Compounds that contain estrogen and perform estrogenic activities that are usually found in cosmetics and beauty products are the most studied types of HAAs.

What Can HAAs Do To Our Body?

It may affect body systems that have something to do with our hormones such as the thyroid and reproductive systems through the HAA’s contact with our cell receptors. The effects could range from harmless to mild or severely threatening and are usually unpredictable, just like our hormones. 

Some epidemiological findings include an increase in the appearance of tumors in organs regulated by hormones like the breast and prostate which can eventually lead to cancer. Also, some complications with the male reproductive system such as undescended testicles or a drop in sperm count are also being observed. Although, there are still no clear findings or proof.

Which natural substances are considered HAAs?

Some secondary plant ingredients are considered hormonally active. The most common ones, otherwise known as phytohormones are the isoflavones found in plants such as soy (beans) and clover. You find them in the labels as flavones, flavanones, chalcones and coumestanes Similarly, the plant linseed contains lignans that also possess characteristics and can affect the body in a similar way as estrogen.

Which synthetic substances are considered HAAs?

The most common synthetic hormonally active compounds are monomers found in plastic. Namely bisphenol-A. Additives like phthalate esters, surfactants like nonylphenol, brominated flame retardants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and organotin compounds such as tributyltin (TBT) also make the list.

Thinylestradiol, commonly found in reproductive health medicines such as birth control pills, also have unwarranted effects on our body and are considered endocrine disruptors. PCBs like dioxin as well as some plant pesticides are also considered HAAs.

How can we protect ourselves from the possible health hazards brought about by HAAs?

Although there currently isn’t enough substantial scientific proof to support HAAs as a direct cause of the aforementioned health hazards, We advise to lessen or completely eliminate overall exposure to the products listed for maximum protection. As long as the exposure is controlled, expect to experience only mild to no adverse health effects at all.