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What Does it Mean to Dream of Wild Boar?


Dreaming of a wild boar can be an intriguing experience for many. These large, powerful creatures represent strength, power, and survival instincts in various cultures around the world. They are often seen as symbols of determination, protection, and resourcefulness. The meaning behind dreaming about a wild boar may vary depending on your personal beliefs and the context of the dream. In this article, we will explore the common interpretations and symbolism associated with these fascinating creatures in dreams to help you understand what it means when they appear in your subconscious mind.

Wild Boars as Symbols of Strength and Power

Wild boars are known for their impressive size and fearsome appearance. In many cultures, they represent strength and power. Dreaming about a wild boar might symbolize inner-strength or personal power that you possess. It could be a reminder to tap into your own resilience during challenging times in life. You may need to face an issue head-on instead of avoiding it. This dream could also signify the need for assertiveness and courage, urging you to take control over situations where you’re feeling weak or vulnerable. If you’ve been facing obstacles lately, dreaming about a wild boar might encourage you to confront them directly rather than running away.

Dreaming of Hunting a Wild Boar

If you dreamt about hunting a wild boar, it indicates your desire for control over certain aspects of life. It could mean that you’re trying to overcome adversity or challenge someone/something in waking life. You might be going after something you want but haven’t been able to catch yet. This dream can represent ambition and determination. If you succeed in hunting the boar, it signifies triumph over challenges; if you fail, it could suggest fear of facing certain situations or people. The success or failure in catching the boar reflects how well you’re handling challenges in real life.

Dreaming About Being Chased By a Wild Boar

A dream where you’re chased by a wild boar indicates that someone/something is pursuing you relentlessly. It could be a warning sign of potential dangers lurking around. It might indicate an imminent threat or pressure in your waking life that needs immediate attention. These dreams often signal conflict avoidance, suggesting that it’s time to face the problem head-on instead of running from it.

Dreaming About Killing a Wild Boar

Killing a wild boar symbolizes overcoming problems or fears. This dream could indicate victory over personal obstacles and conquering your struggles. It suggests that you have successfully tackled challenges, showing bravery and assertiveness in your waking life. However, if the boar escapes, it warns of unresolved issues needing further attention.

Dreaming About Wild Boars Fighting Each Other

Dreaming about fighting wild boars represents internal struggles or conflicts between parts of your personality. It could also mean that two aspects of your life are clashing, and you need balance. This dream indicates internal conflict resolution is necessary for personal growth and harmony.

Dreaming About a Baby Wild Boar

Seeing baby wild boars in your dreams signifies new beginnings or potential growth. It may represent an upcoming project or change in your life that needs nurturing, protection, and guidance.

Dream of Seeing Multiple Wild Boars

Multiple boars can represent chaos or confusion. They could indicate stressful situations or people around you causing trouble. It’s essential to identify the sources of chaos and take control of them for peace.

Dream of Wild Boar in Your Home

If a wild boar enters your home, it suggests an intrusion into your private space. This dream may symbolize unwanted changes or invasive aspects affecting your life. It’s important to recognize these elements and protect your personal boundaries.

Dreaming About Eating Wild Boar Meat

Eating wild boar meat signifies a challenge successfully overcome. It could mean you’ve conquered an issue, achieved a goal, or gained something valuable after a struggle. However, if the meal tastes bad, it can imply an unsatisfactory outcome despite victory.

Dreaming About Wild Boar in Unusual Settings

Dreams about wild boars in unusual settings could symbolize your unorthodox approach towards resolving issues. It might indicate breaking away from traditional methods to achieve success. This dream represents creativity and innovation in problem-solving.


The interpretation of a wild boar dream depends on your emotional state during the dream, cultural background, and personal beliefs. Dreams are subjective, so interpret them based on what resonates with you. Remember, dreams aren’t always literal but often reflect emotions or feelings associated with them. Pay attention to details and emotions attached to the dream for accurate interpretation. Always consider your feelings towards the boar to understand its meaning in your life situations better.

Bolded Points:

  • Wild boars represent strength, power, determination, and resourcefulness.
  • Dreaming about hunting signifies ambition and overcoming challenges.
  • Being chased by a wild boar indicates facing conflicts or threats.
  • Killing it symbolizes victory over personal obstacles.
  • Fighting boars suggests internal conflicts needing resolution.
  • Baby boars represent growth, new beginnings, or changes.
  • Boars in unusual settings imply innovation and unconventional approaches.
  • Emotions attached to the dream hold significant meaning.

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