What Does it Mean to Dream of Oarfish?

Have you ever had a dream about an oarfish, the world’s longest bony fish species that can reach lengths of up to 11 meters or 36 feet long? While this deep-sea creature is not commonly known for making appearances in our dreams, it might seem strange and even unsettling. But what does it mean when you encounter one in your dreamscape? Let’s delve into the interpretations and symbolism behind these fascinating sea creatures and explore their possible significance.

Oarfish: A Brief Overview

Oarfish, also known as “sea serpents,” are unique marine animals with elongated, slender bodies and dorsal fins extending from their heads to tails, giving them a serpent-like appearance. They’re rarely seen due to their deep-sea habitat and elusive nature. Despite their rarity in reality, they often appear in folklore and mythology as harbingers of doom or bad omens. But what significance do they hold when we dream about them?


  1. Embracing Change: Oarfish dreams might signify a need for change or transition in your life. It could be a call to let go of old habits or beliefs that no longer serve you and embrace new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. You may be going through significant transformations that require courageous steps towards growth and progress.
  2. Hidden Depths: They symbolize the hidden aspects of your personality or subconscious thoughts and feelings that need to surface. Dreaming of an oarfish can remind you to explore uncharted territories within yourself, embracing unknown dimensions of your psyche or relationships.
  3. Spiritual Growth: The symbolism of oarfish suggests spiritual growth and enlightenment, urging you to seek wisdom beyond the surface level reality.
  4. Urge for Intuition: Oarfish dreams could indicate heightened intuition or a need to trust your instincts more.
  5. Unseen Forces: They can represent unseen forces affecting your life, urging you to pay attention to subtle cues from the environment.
  6. Personal Journey: Oarfish may symbolize taking an unconventional path in life or going against societal norms. They remind you of living with purpose and following what resonates deep within yourself.
  7. Communication: Dreaming about oarfish could hint at miscommunication issues, suggesting better communication with others or reflecting your inner struggles.
  8. Hidden Potential: Oarfish can represent untapped abilities waiting to be discovered within you.
  9. Transformation: They signify a transformation in your life, such as life changes, career shifts, or personal growth.
  10. Unexpected Events: Dreaming of oarfish may foretell unforeseen events, urging you to prepare for the unexpected.

Remember, dream interpretations can vary per individual and culture. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If the oarfish is alive: Healthy, vibrant, or in its natural habitat – signifies wellness and vitality.
  • If it’s injured or trapped: It could represent feelings of entrapment or distress.
  • If dead: A period of mourning or loss may be coming.
  • If you kill the oarfish:

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